Is KMWE A Good Fit?

Hiring an event planner is an important decision, and it's most likely something you've never had to do before. I want to make sure that hiring me is the right fit for you! Before we dive in together, please review this information to learn more about the process and what a event planner really has to offer!

Why should I hire an event planner? Do I really need one?


Planning an event is a full time job. Your special day requires management, coordination and execution. With a busy career and a personal life, planning an event can be difficult and most of my clients hire me because they don’t have extra time in their daily lives or they live out of state.(Planning in different time zones is definitely a challenge)   

I understand that your friends and family have most likely put together a family occasion at some point in their lives, and you are probably tempted to ask for their assistance (perhaps they even offered to help). BUT- putting your friends and family to work on something they have very little experience with doesn't ensure a flawless event.


So what’s the difference between me and your crafty friends and helpful family members? I'm certified event planner (I went to school for this!) I know the BTS logistics and little details that your friends may miss. I help my clients avoid costly mistakes and hours of wasted time. In addition, I offer peace of mind and a trust to enjoy a stress-free and memorable event.

Planners love logistics and have a complete roster of vendors and venues they’re able to recommend on the spot. They manage proper delegation of the event budget and negotiate competitive pricing with vendors in addition to reviewing contracts, looking for red flags, and answering important client questions. They familiarize themselves with the venue’s specifications and special logistics to develop layouts that accommodate the size of the event. They create timelines, orchestrate rehearsals, and make sure to communicate all expectations, important dates, times and other important information to the entire vendor team ensuring that load in, set up, execution and strike happen according to plan.

Designers love the creative components and they have the ability to transform a venue, a space, into your style. They dive into colors, lighting, textures, table setting and more. Event Designers work on the small details that guests will remember while coordinating with like minded vendors to ensure a consistent vision that aligns with your budget. If you are interested in event designing, please know this entails twice as much work. I charge an additional fee for design services. 

Venue Coordinator aka Catering Manager

Venue coordinators work at event venues. They don’t manage any details outside of their contracted services as a venue. i.e They stick to food and beverage minimums, room arrangements, hotel details.


Therefore, they are looking out for the best interest of the venue, not the event. A venue coordinator will only deal with aspects pertaining to the venue such as the set up of a room or space within the venue. They do not help put together a beautiful sweetheart table or help pick out the perfect color palette for the space. YOU will have to do that extra stuff.

They dictate set up and end times and communicate the rules and regulations covered in your contract pertaining to the use of space you’ve rented. They only manage details regarding the items the venue might provide such as tables and chairs.


The venue coordinator is absent through the majority of the planning process. Their job isn’t to help you hire the right vendors (although they might provide you with a list of people they know). They don’t put out any fires when your cake doesn’t show up on time or your florist forgets the boutonnieres. They will look at you to figure it out. 

The Myth of Day of Planning


I often receive inquires for "day of" planning. I do not provide "day of planning" and here's why. Having a day of planner does not set your wedding and your vendors up for success. How could it when your vendors are meeting the planner for the first time on your wedding day?

What do I recommend? I let the client know that it is in their best interest to hire me at least six months from your event. This is also a BETTER investment for the couple. You will receive more time and effort invested in your wedding.

Kryshana was the reason that we were able to actually enjoy our wedding and spend time with our family.  We planned a wedding at a venue that didn't include very much.  That meant that someone had to coordinate food, music, beverage, rental vendors and more.  She came to our rehearsal and spent time walking through the plan with us.  The best thing I can say about a professional coordinator is that I didn't get have to answer any logistics the day of my wedding, everything was perfectly timed and arranged, and I - as the bride - have no idea how it happened.  Kryshana's services were one of the best investments we made to be able to have so much time to spend with friends and family, instead of having to handle every planning question that would arise that day.  We highly recommend her planning services for weddings and really any other event! Jane & Alexander


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